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Sustainability Highlights

Partnering with Water.org to Bring Clean Water to 100K People

One in nine people around the world currently lack access to clean water. As communities grapple with the impacts of climate change, economic recessions and public health crises, the need for access to clean, safe water is more crucial than ever. ADM’s partnership with Water.org enables access to sustainable water and improved sanitation in at-risk watersheds in India, Brazil and the Philippines. In honor of World Water Day, we share the story of one woman, among the tens of thousands, this partnership is helping. Read more

ADM on Sustainability: Traceability

In Brazil and Paraguay, we can trace the soy we process to the field where it was grown. We monitor more than 15,000 farms, covering more than 10 million hectares. We have zero deforestation in our Amazon soy supply chain. At ADM, we have an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Read more

Driving Sustainable Mint Innovation from the Ground Up

Using plant science to innovate has been a cornerstone of A.M. Todd—the mint division of ADM's flavors business—for over half a century. In fact, for more than 70 years, plant scientists have been working with mint farmers to ensure a thriving mint future by supporting responsible land management. Read more