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Advancing Sustainable Agriculture

Each year, drought and desertification destroy 12 million hectares of farmland. To help feed and clothe the world while preserving the land for future generations, we support programs that develop and advance local farming while encouraging sustainable practices.

ADM partnered with several international organizations in 2020 to enable growers, and especially smallholders, to produce more with less. Our sustainable agriculture projects have positively impacted more than 44,000 farmers and their families.

Creating Climate-Smart Farming Villages in India

Back in 2015, the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss at the University of Illinois embarked on an ambitious project supported by ADM Cares in Dih Sarsauna, Bihar, India. Bihar is one of the poorest and most populous states in India, with 80 percent of the population dependent on agriculture as their source of income. Due to inadequate postharvest technologies and practices, the agricultural state loses $1.7 billion of crops each year. To help reverse these losses, ADMI established the ADMI Village in Dih Sarsauna as a real-world proving ground for postharvest loss prevention practices. Read more.

Empowering Smallholder Farmers with Locally-Made Technology

Many smallholder farmers in the tropics do not have access to durable and affordable harvest equipment such as crop threshers, machines which separate grain from plants. Instead, the farmers rely on beating the plants with sticks to separate the grain, a time and labor intensive process which often leads to damage and low yields, limiting the ability of farmers to prosper. Imported threshers are often too costly, large and cumbersome for small farmers, have too high of energy needs or end up in the scrap pile if repair parts cannot be located or fabricated. That’s where our support of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss at the University of Illinois and the Soybean Innovation Lab comes in. Read more.

Creating and Sharing Ag Training Videos in Uganda

Information sharing is key to preventing post-harvest loss. Farmer-to-Farmer Agricultural Training Videos (F2FAGTVs) have proven to be very effective tools in sharing knowledge and best practices, especially in locations like Uganda where it can be challenging to reach such a large number of farmers. Thanks to an ADM Cares grant, the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss at the University of Illinois has launched a partnership with Gulu University in Uganda through the AgReach Program to create and share three videos to help train farmers in best practices. Read more.

Visit our Stories page to learn more about how we’re advancing sustainable agriculture.

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