Unlocking Game-Changing Innovation

A proprietary approach designed to get you to market faster in an increasingly dynamic environment, e-nnospark is a virtual open innovation program developed by ADM. It is tailored to fuel your journey toward future-forward, proactive brand portfolio evolution through our trends and insights engine, product creation and development expertise, and technical ingenuity—giving you the edge to advance and win in the marketplace.

Spark Innovation

To help drive your growth in an increasingly virtual world, our e-nnospark is a unique, digital-first approach to open, collaborative innovation, leveraging ADM’s trends anticipation platform, undisputed portfolio and product creation expertise. We bring you market and consumer-informed insights translated into innovation that gets you to market faster – and successfully.

How it Works

E-nnospark is a vibrant system of virtual engagement experiences powered by digital technology.

To spark innovation, we work with you, engaging virtually to help develop ready-to-launch ideas that help get you to the finish line, first. And we go from idea journeys to virtual tastings so you can experience innovation—no matter your location.

Together, we establish clear goals for our e-nnospark approach to innovation, starting with market growth opportunities informed by your challenges and opportunities to address. With our deep consumer insights and marketing expertise, we help define and align the needs for your Spark journey – while inspiring and bringing a cross-functional approach to problem-solving and concept brainstorming that answers the challenge. Finally, we develop and ship your demo for your Spark tasting, where you’ll share your feedback in real time. All you need to advance consumer-winning innovation into the marketplace.

E-nnoSpark accelerates crafted solutions and to address proactive innovation in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. We are ready to collaborate with you across the globe—anytime, anywhere—virtually.

Features and Benefits

  • Informed by global trends and consumer insights
  • Market and strategy alignment, for increased success
  • Virtual tools, supported by ADM cross-functional teams
  • Collaborative approach to problem-solving and idea generation
  • Brainstorming demo solutions
  • Demo development
  • Virtual tasting presentation